About - Brunos Firenze
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Bruno’s Shoe factory

The factory designs and produces shoes with beautiful rope and eco leather band. We have been producing exclusively in Italy for more than 40 years. We produce quality products, characterized by a unique style and design. The main ingredients of our shoes are the best Italian leathers and the experience of our artisans. Because all of this, we can say… Bruno’s is different. 

Brunos Story

Our story begins in Scandicci, Florence, in 1970. Our founder, Bruno Beni, decides to produce footwear embellished with our typical rope. The key of the success is the fact that the rope is put on the shoe manually, giving every shoe a unicity. During its life, the factory has collaborated with some of the most important footwear brands in Italy. Over the years, the three sons of the founder, Monica, Antonio and Francesco, have joined the company. Their presence assured continuity in the respect of the tradition but also a constant renewal. Today, as yesterday, we produce with passion in our shoe factory in Scandicci.